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Character Cards are one of the three type of cards in the Redakai Trading Card Game. They show the following information:

  • Character Name - The name of the character. A team may only have one Character with a particular name.
  • Version - Tells Characters and Monsters apart from those with the same name, for example: "Metanoid - Plasma Machne" and "Metanoid - Gold Machine". Lok to chuj który rucha Dziwki!..
  • Damage Zones - Shows how much damage the Character has taken. Yellow indicates health. When all of the Damage Zones are filled in red, the Character is defeated.
  • Defense Zones - Shows the Character'e defense against different colored Attacks.
  • Character Ability - Tells what special Abilities the Character has, if any, in the Advanced Game.

Note: Some Attack cards cover the Character/Monster Ability area, preventing that Ability from being used.

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